The Top 5 Places in the World for Taking Perfect Illuminating Shots

The Top 5 Places in the World for Taking Perfect Illuminating Shots

Taking good photos at night is one of the marks of achievement for a photographer who takes his craft seriously. The night skies, in particular, are an interesting subject not only because of the challenge they present, but also because of the limitless creativity they offer.

Yes, it is not easy to take photos at night, especially if you want to capture all those mesmorizing lights. But, there are some places in the world that are simply meant to give you breathtaking illuminated scenes that come out naturally.

Here are five of the world’s best places for photographers wishing to create a night photo that speaks of spectacular colors.

The Las Vegas Strip

If you’re interested in creating a colorful, fantastical, majestic night photo, take a trip all the way to the exciting and lively Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Strip swings every night, what with all the high-rise buildings and towers that come alive with colorful lights. It’s not just how the lights are designed; it’s also how they illuminate the night sky. The lights of the Bellagio Watershow somehow add some excitement to the Vegas skyline. It’s like the waters caressing the sky without really touching it.At sunset, when the buildings and establishments turn on their lights one after the other, the sky is enveloped in beautiful colors that can sometimes play tricks on the eyes. The night sky becomes alive; it begins to tell stories. The Las Vegas Strip’s skyline at night will definitely make a colorful and interesting canvass for any photographer. Creating perfect illuminating shots will be a breeze.

Singapore’s Marina Bay

The Marina Bay in Singapore is becoming one of the world’s most visited attractions. Its biggest advantage, especially over places like the Las Vegas Strip, is its scenic nature. Underneath the beautiful night sky, you’ll find a lot of beautiful scenes to capture. Another advantage is that there are many places where a photographer can position himself when taking photos. Marina Bay presents countless angles and places that will give you one perfect shot after another.

You can take photos from the Marina Barrage or while you’re inside the Singapore Flyer. You can take photos while you’re standing somewhere in the Helix Bridge. You can even go on top of the Marina Bay Sands! No matter where you position yourself, you’re guaranteed to get a breathtaking shot of the illuminated night sky.

At night, Marina Bay is a feast of colors and the sky is beautifully lit up. All the colors reflect on the water and sky. It’s a mirror effect that many photographers will love. And when the fireworks start, everything simply becomes colorfully breathtaking!

The small idyllic town of Manarola in Italy

This place may not be as famous as the Las Vegas Strip or Marina Bay, but it’s a totally perfect choice for illuminating shots.Manarola is an old town that depends on fishing and winemaking for their livelihood. It is located near the sea. It paints a striking picture because all houses are painted in bright colors. It’s like a hilltop haven with trails and vineyards. And at night, it beautifully transforms into a palette of lights and colors. The sky turns bright and creates a festive atmosphere. It’s an idyllic picture; one that you often think only exists in postcards and magazines. The hills and greens set off a rustic effect, so this is perfect if you want to create a dreamy, romantic scene.

The Eiffel Tower at dusk

At anytime of the day, the Eiffel Tower is a magical mystery. But at dusk, it transforms into a golden wonder. This normally happens on special days, like Bastille Day, when the whole of Paris celebrates with festivities – and lights. After all, it is the City of Lights. On nights like this, the Eiffel Tower practically glitters and sprinkles the skyline with its illuminating dust.The light that emanates from the Eiffel Tower spreads throughout the city. Once the tower’s spotlight zooms across the skyline, you won’t be able to do anything except sigh and hold your breath. You’ll see all the historic architecture, the gardens and the modern structures all lighted in their glories.

When you look up from where you are at the Eiffel Tower, you’ll find the night sky embraced by all the colors that make Paris sparkle. You’ll find that the splashes of colors make the sky appear differently in this part of the world. And that is probably what you should capture on your camera.

The busy city of New York and its skyscrapers

For some, including New York in the list may be a cliché. But, let’s face it; New York is one of the most fascinating places in the world – day or night.

Once you find yourself in the middle of New York, you’ll get lost in all the cultures, art, technology and every little thing that you can think of. It’s like the best place in the world to go to if you want to meet people of every kind. It’s where everyone in the world converges.

At night, New York’s skyline transforms into a dazzling show of lights. Broadway lights up with all its billboards and neon signs. The skyscrapers reach out to the sky and they sometimes look surreal, especially at sunset, when day and night momentarily meet. The tapered tops of the Empire State Building and the unique architecture of the Chrysler Building each add a distinct flavor to the night sky. The structures of the buildings are enough to illuminate the night sky.