Role Of Technology In Space Exploration

When NASA sent people to the moon in 1969, it made a statement to the world that the technology that we humans had back then was good enough for decent space exploration missions. Ever since then, humans have sent so many missions into space, and we have also put so many satellites which are revolving around the earth. These satellites are certainly helping us; they also prove to be really important things for proper internet connection and also many things. The satellites also play an essential role when it comes to the exploration of our gorgeous planet and all of its secrets.

Neil Armstrong stated this when he took the first step on the moon, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” he correctly coined the very famous phrase. The race to explore space actually became serious then, and we can only say that our technology has improved since then. Modern space travel is indeed really exciting for all astrophysicists and space enthusiasts alike. There are also so many missions planned to mars, and I am sure that we will be successful in exploring mars completely. The Mars rover does all the exploring for us, and because of it, we are getting to know so much about the red dwarf. The space industry is indeed buzzing, and we can attribute the success to the advancement of technology. It is important to know that at the heart of every space travel mission is actually data, and this data is essential. There is so much data that we can use, and we can keep the people interested this way.

As of now, we can boastfully say that we have explored millions of miles of space. The Hubble telescope has taken so many clear pictures of space and everything that you can see in space. We are so lucky to be living in an age where space travel is even possible. Voyager is another one that we are so proud of. It was launched 42 years ago, and it has travelled billions of miles, it is still going. At this point in time, it has successfully exited the space of our solar system, and it will keep transmitting data until it either gets destroyed, or until it can no longer transmit data.

Technology has gone so forward that, the next mars missions are completely going to be done with the help of AI, except the ones that will have humans on the spaceship. Technology will always play a pivotal role when it comes to the advancement of the human race, and we should never abuse technology to do bad deeds, but must use it for the betterment of us and the planet.

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