Norway: Stay in a treetop cabin

Norway: Stay in a treetop cabin

Close your eyes and imagine waking up with the birds singing from the top of a tree. Your comfortable bed is surrounded by calmness found in a cozy treetop cabin perched high in a tree under the Norweigan sky.

Treetop cabins are all the rage in Norway and you can choose a gorgeous designer cabin or a cabin in a rambling building that just talks to your inner child.

You will find them amid excellent hiking and skiing terrain where the views are always breathtaking. Sometimes these take in fishing lakes where during the summer you can go canoeing. At night the starry sky is overwhelmingly beautiful and if you can rise with the sun and watch as it lights up the sky.

The Treehouse Dome

Just 90-minute drive southwest of Oslo, at Rakkestad, in the deep forest. The unique construction of The Treehouse Dome differs from many other similar cabins, as the sleeping room is situated on a loft and with ceiling windows allowing guests to be amazed by starry nights. The house includes a bathroom, kitchen, and living room with a fireplace.

Woodiest in Fjord Norway brings you the adventure of Norwegian nature without having to forgo luxury and comfort. Nestled in nature, Woodnest is a luxury treehouse experience, where each treehouse offers a heated floor, wi-fi, a small kitchenette, bathroom, bedroom. And a stunning view over the Hardangerfjord.

Himmelhøy which means “sky high” in Norwegian is located just north of Namsos, in Namdalen, Trondelag county. The cabins have room for six to seven people and offer two bedrooms, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a large porch. Including in the cabin, rent is canoes, rowing boats, and also fishing rights in the nearby river.

Tretopphytter Oslofjord offers five cabins, all nested more than 100 meters above sea level with a spectacular view over the fjord. Each fully furnished cabin can accommodate from seven to ten people. These cabins are located just one hour south of Oslo, in the county of Vestfold.

PAN Tretopphytter

The award-winning PAN Treetop Cabins are located in Finnskogen, a two-hour drive from Oslo. The cabins can accommodate up to six people and are built eight meters above the ground. Guests can enjoy many activities in the area, such as yoga, biking, fishing, hiking, bird watching, and even wolf safaris.

Å Auge Treetop House

Å auge means “River Eye” in Norwegian and the place offers a spectacular experience in the Norwegian forest. Its location makes it easily reachable, but the place is still hidden away and 100% off the grid. In addition to the treetop house, Å Camp offers glamping, hammocks, bush baths, and activities in the Norwegian wilderness.


These genuine treetop cabins are surrounded by the forest, a waterfall, and mountains. Fosstopp has three unique wooden cabins with high standard and practical design, situated eight meters above ground and attached to pine trees.