How to Choose the Right Plants

How to Choose the Right Plants

Choosing the best plants for your climate can be a challenge. Here are some tips and resources for making that plant picking process easier.

Make sure your local climate is right for the plants in your garden by visiting the Agro-Food Canada website. It will help you to determine what kind of plants will grow best in your region.

Check the Weather

To make sure that you set out your bulbs and shoots at the right time, keep up-to-date on the weather forecasts and frost predictions at Weather

Ask a Plant Finder

Choose the best plants for home or garden-whatever the conditions-by heading straight for a plant finder. Plant finders ask you detailed questions about your region, such as soil type, climate, and exposure, and then recommend suitable plants from their database. Many gardening websites, like,, and Back Yard Gardener include their own specialist plant finders.

Try a Land Designer Program

A land designer program will help you plan large gardens, letting you try different layouts, suggesting plants, and allowing you to model your garden in three dimensions. Land designers work best when you have a large area and a lot of plants to organize, and it may not pay to invest money in a land designer if you only need a few plants.

Information on city gardening topics- such as home composting, worms, rooftop gardening, and sprouting on your kitchen counter top can be found on the Internet. One good source of information is the City Farmers Urban Agriculture, a Vancouver-based nonprofit organic gardening collective that encourages the growth of greenery within our concrete canyons.