Although technology has been growing at a rapid speed and the inventor are not stopping the progress any soon, there are people who are not comfortable with the idea of accepting technology in their lives. Although the research and technology is meant only for the betterment of humans, it has been hated by some due to several reasons.

Hard to learn

Many people have grown disinterest towards technology because they are unable to learn and adapt it. They are having a hard time learning the technology which automatically makes the hate it. Some people have no idea about technologies which gives them a bad feeling, and they start fearing it.

They love the old comfort

As technology grows rapidly, the world is also changing. This is making people come out of their comfort zone to adjust to the new trends. Those who are too comfy in their stable lives are finding it hard to adapt the new things which is irritating them as they feel they are losing their golden times in the rush.

They fear being replaced

As the computers and machines continue to grow in the companies and industries, people fear that soon it will take over their work and make them lose their jobs. The new technologies are threatening their jobs which is an acceptable reason to hate it.

Negative Beliefs

Some people feel that technology is evil and harmful to humans. There are so many misconceptions about technology today, which is creating fear in the minds of people. The negative beliefs are hard to be controlled, and those who start to believe it automatically start hating technology. This is why it’s very important to get the help of expert IT support.

They feel it reduces human intelligence

Most of the calculations and data analysis is being done on computers these days. It is making people question if the technology is slowly rusting their intelligence. They believe that it is reducing the mental ability of humans to perform well and keep their mind sharp due to lack of practicing. Most of the answers to math problems are readily available on computers which is not letting the brains to work.

They feel getting exposed

There is also a big conspiracy that the technology is being used to spy on people. Everything requires our personal information and profiles today, which is raising privacy issues. Computers and mobile phones have been said to track the activities of people through mic and camera. However, there is no strong evidence for it.

They fear AI

People fear that if the technology continues to grow as it is, soon the robots can call a war against humans. The advancement of AI for multiple purposed is creating a misconception among people that it can be used against them. They fear that it will replace humans in the coming centuries, or it will be used as a weapon in wars.